We started MESOA for a reason: your peace of mind.

As a proud, male lifestyle brand, we not only want to change the way men groom for the better – but the way they live for the better.


By normalising the conversations about men’s mental health, helping all the other goodwill that’s driving issues surrounding our states of mind – out into the open.


Because we believe that talking about the way our brains work, is just as important as talking about the way our bodies do.

Because it’s not just about creating grooming products: it’s about creating a movement.

The MESOA Movement.

As men, when it comes to the way we look after ourselves and talk about our feelings; we’ve come a long way.

Cavemen were happy with splashing water on their faces, and all your grandad’s grooming was done with one bar of soap.

Likewise, a stiff upper lip and unwillingness to open up would have been the order of the day, back in his day.

That might have seemed fine at the time, but times have changed.

From fitness to food; financial wealth to mental health; beard oils to brushes: today, men have more pressure on their shoulders, situations to deal with and choices to make than ever.

And that can be really daunting.

So who do you speak to, or where do you go to get all the advice and answers to the questions you might not have the confidence to ask – or even knew you needed to be asking in the first place?

The answer is the MESOA Community.


The Mesoa Community

From lifestyle topics such as mental health, fitness and fashion; to social issues such as politics, the environment and masculinity: the MESOA community brings together the world’s leading influencers, all onto one content-driven platform.

All at the top of their game in their respective fields, our influencers provide exclusive content to the wider MESOA community, who can then discuss the topics in each piece.

This content is provided in a non-judgemental, educational, online community where men can learn and talk openly about anything – and feel completely comfortable about doing so.

Because, like we said, we want to change the way men groom and live for the better.